Boleh through the times


A collection of photographs that show Boleh's design and various stages over the course of her life so far. 

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Boleh Launched 23rd October 1949


Following the design and build, Boleh had her initial launch at the Boom Defence Depot, Loyang, 23 Oct 1949.

"Mutt smashed the bottle with a mighty swing against the bows, singing out, "I name you Boleh - and may you live up to it!". Boleh pitched gently as she slid of the trolley and was afloat." - Extract taken from Boleh by Robin Kilroy


Boleh Christmas Trial Cruises 1949



"The object was to find all kinds of weather and see what went wrong. In fact , we had a fair variety of weather, though mostly light or very light winds, and a highly enjoyable short holiday.

Christmas lunch was the high spot of the cruise. the stove worked perctly, and Chang, with John Rusher in an advisory capacity, produced a meal much more than adequate to the occasion." - Extract taken from Robin Kilory's book Boleh.


Sailing Cruises 1950's



Boleh sailing on the Devon coast circa late 1950's.

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Fire Damaged 1978


In the early hours of 22nd January 1978 a milkman spotted a fire on board Boleh, where she was berthed in Rye, West Sussex. She was destroyed as far down as the waterline, with the damage so severe, that Boleh was declared an insurance write off.

Roger Angel then came to Boleh's rescue!


Roger Angel Sailing Cruises



Boleh sailing in Majorca in the 1980's, following the extensive resoration by Roger Angel after the arson attack. You can read all about Roger's restoration here


Boleh Arrives in Portsmouth 2008



Boleh arriving to Henderson Road, Portsmouth in 2008, following the purchase of Boleh from Roger Angel in Majorca. This is where Boleh was to remain until she completed her restoration in 2015.


Boleh Restoration 2013


Boleh mid restoration, 12 months into Boleh's restoration after receiving the HLF grant. Restoration was completed in 2015.


Back in the water in 2015

Boleh returned to the water in July 2015 after a 7-year restoration. The major programme of work saw her stripped almost bare before being fitted out to the highest standards. Here she is in Chichester Marina. 


Sailing along the South Coast January 2016

Here she is sailing along the South Coast in January 2016 giving the crew a wonderful and unique sailing experience! 


Back to her full glory in 2017

A busy season in 2017 saw Boleh sail local school children, disadvantaged groups, naval cadets, old friends and a number of corporate clients.