Sam's blog

  • Sam's blog Sam's blog

    My name is Samantha Perks and the reason I am at Boleh Project is because I have grown up around boats and have always been interested in how they are built so this gives me that opportunity. Also I enjoy working with my hands so this job is perfect for me.

  • Henry's blog

  • Henry's blog Henry's blog

    My name is Henry Durman and I am on my first year of my apprenticeship here at Boleh.
    I wanted to join this apprenticeship and get into this industry because I have been brought up around boats and that is where my interests lie. Also, the skills I will learn will be really beneficial to my career in this industry.

  • Reuben's blog

  • Reuben's blog Reuben's blog

    Hi my name is Reuben, I’ve been here at Boleh since November 2012 and am really enjoying it. The reason I wanted to join Boleh is because my whole life I have been around sailing, and also always had a natural ability for hands on work. My interests are sports and cars; which I have a passion for.

  • Will's blog

  • Will's blog Will's blog

    My name is Will and I started at Boleh in November 2012, I applied for the apprenticeship because I wanted a career not just a job; I wanted a job that not just anyone can walk into.
    I enjoy all aspects of woodworking, including making furniture out of wood. After this apprenticeship I will be able to turn my hand to a lot more jobs, not just shipwright and boat building. For example, carpentry and joinery shop, shop fitter, boat fitter and other wooden restoration projects.
    I am very keen and eager to learn and try new more challenging things in regards to work and I am completely fascinated and interested in the job.