Our Apprentices

  • Our Apprentices Our Apprentices

    During our project we were able to offer four apprenticeship opportunties to local young people. We saw the wonderful development of Sam, Henry, Reuben and Will throughout their 2 years with us and were delighted when all four apprentices completed and passed their Level 2 Apprenticeship with Highbury college. You can read all about their progress with us in the pages below.

  • Sam's blog

  • Sam's blog Sam's blog

    My name is Samantha Perks and the reason I am at Boleh Project is because I have grown up around boats and have always been interested in how they are built so this gives me that opportunity. Also I enjoy working with my hands so this job is perfect for me.

  • Henry's blog

  • Henry's blog Henry's blog

    My name is Henry Durman and I am on my first year of my apprenticeship here at Boleh.
    I wanted to join this apprenticeship and get into this industry because I have been brought up around boats and that is where my interests lie. Also, the skills I will learn will be really beneficial to my career in this industry.

  • Reuben's blog

  • Reuben's blog Reuben's blog

    Hi my name is Reuben, I’ve been here at Boleh since November 2012 and am really enjoying it. The reason I wanted to join Boleh is because my whole life I have been around sailing, and also always had a natural ability for hands on work. My interests are sports and cars; which I have a passion for.

  • Will's blog

  • Will's blog Will's blog

    My name is Will and I started at Boleh in November 2012, I applied for the apprenticeship because I wanted a career not just a job; I wanted a job that not just anyone can walk into.
    I enjoy all aspects of woodworking, including making furniture out of wood. After this apprenticeship I will be able to turn my hand to a lot more jobs, not just shipwright and boat building. For example, carpentry and joinery shop, shop fitter, boat fitter and other wooden restoration projects.
    I am very keen and eager to learn and try new more challenging things in regards to work and I am completely fascinated and interested in the job.